Why Sanchaung is famous township among Western Clients?

Hello everyone.
How are you and how about your life style in Yangon?
Now November is start of Myanmar winter. Do you believe it? It is true.
I don’t lie but if you are now staying in Yangon, you will think my words are false.
Yes you are right. Now in Yangon, it is so hot and cannot endure that hot. So please be sure to bring umbrella to avoid direct sunlight to your skin and don’t stay too long in this hot weather.
And again take care your health too.

Ok let me stop about weather talking and start writing of today title.
Yes most of my clients are Westerner and they choose Sanchaung township as their staying place.
I will explain about Sanchaung township. It is located near downtown and easy to go to airport also.
A lot of good restaurants in there and school, hospital. So this place can tell best location in Yangon.

Sanchaung is one of the big township in Yangon. And there are a lot of famous place in this township. Myaynigone known as teenagers place also located in Sanchaung township. A lot of big super markets are in there and a lot of study sections are also there. Famous restaurants and good for drinking beer and barbeque shop also in Sanchaung area.

So in my opinion, the above points show that Westerner are choose to stay in Sanchaung township among other townships in Yangon. If you have difference answer from my writing, please feel freely to write a comment under.

I will come back with more great title tomorrow. Thanks you so much for your time.
If there is a mistake, please kindly forgive me.
Bye now! See you tomorrow.