Why real estate agent is needed from owner side?

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Today I would like to write about ” Why real estate agent is needed from owner side? ”

Yesterday I wrote about real estate agent is needed from client side. Today is from owner side.
Because our agent are not extra things, we are all needed…(Laughing)

So I will write about our side. Most of the owner in Myanmar are rich people and they don’t give extra time for other things. Extra things mean room showing , room advertisement and room repairing also. So they give work of relating his rooms to real estate company or local broker.
For room showing to customers is not less than three time. They need to show room to client that the time client requested. So most of them cannot give time for showing rooms and also they don’t have enough time to do advertisement on their rooms. Internet marketing, paper marketing and so on.
Some are give key to local broker. Local broker who also stay in that apartment or condo. They have long term relationship and they believe them. Local broker also take care the rooms and most of them also clean the interior also. So they give work to local broker and real estate company also.

Not only room showing and advertisement but also contract signing. The process to contract also not a easy work. For giving work to broker and agent , they will do behalf of room owner. So not busy work on owner side.
So most of owner cannot do by themselves and client also use agent to search room.

So the above data our agent and broker work is needed.
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