Why real estate agent is needed from Client side?

Hello everyone.
Long time no upload. Today I will write about my experience as real estate agent.

Here is my question, Why real estate agent is needed in room rental and sell and buy.
Do you know the answer of that above question?
I have a answer but it is correct or not is depend on you reader.
Now I will write about real estate is needed from Client side. Tomorrow I will write from room Owner side.
So let me start my explanation.

Most of our clients are Foreigners and they don’t have enough time to search room in newly place and most of them they cannot speak Burmese. So they use real estate company in finding their ideal rooms.
From real estate company, they will provide all of information about rooms and area and they can also advice you many things. Moreover, dealing with Myanmar local room owner is not a easy work.
Because most of room owners are old people and they don’t have patient mind. They will rush you and also communication problem.

If you can talk English very well and then Myanmar people can speak English because of Myanmar Education style. But problem is different culture. And then, room owners are rich people and they choose customers also.
So beside from local people introduce, they can’t believe foreigner.
And moreover, if you need to negotiate about room and equipment, we will need third person also.
From directing negotiate is a little difficult and for us, real estate agent who are specialized in negotiating is best solution for our clients.

So this is the facts that our real estate agents are needed for our beloved clients….
Thanks you for your time.