The problem between owner and tenant

Hello everyone,
long time no update. Thanks you for your support.
Nowadays, Myanmar winter is coming closer and get up early morning is difficult to do it.(laugh)
But I think this is only me?

Today I would like to write about the problem between owner and tenant. This one is heard from our office sister and one of her friend have problem with her owner.
So I get idea from this case and would like to write on this real estate blog.
But this problem is not common case and please don’t take it wrong.

This case happen when tenant tell owner to move out two months earlier than normal contract. But tenant tell owner to she will pay that two months rental fees. But the problem is owner don’t allow to move out and bring tenant furniture also. So from that point, the problem getting bigger and bigger.

If you will meet in this kind of situation, what will you do? For me, this case is not as big as problem.
You can negotiate or you can do in easy way. In this kind of case, tenant and owner bring other witness and sign another contract about paying 2months rental fees and move out plan also. Tenant will pay 2months rental fees so owner cannot distract tenant from moving out with their furniture.

When you will solve in this way, this may be no problem. This resolving problem way is my own idea and if there is something mistake, please forgive me.
Thanks you for your time.