The Problem between owner and tenant 3

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Today I would like to write about last time continue story. The story about owner and tenant.
There are a lot of problem between the two of them and their family.
But not a serious case. You only need to know the fact and prepare not to meet that kind of problem.

When you sign your contract, you need to check overall that written in the contract.
This is the basic and not only in room rental case but also in all kind of business.
While you are room owner or tenant, you need to do contract as important case.
Because when you are facing with problem, law and rule come in first. So contract is the main witness for you.

In this blog, I would like you to concern about furniture including room. The furniture that include in room, you will need to check and about that furniture condition also. If not, when contract is over, you will need to talk with owner. If owner is good person and don’t mind about that, it is no problem. But owner is picky person, you need to talk with him.

In vice versa, while you are room owner and you rent out your fully-furnished room and in contract you forget to write about that, all furniture can be tenant’s.