New start, new step with new clients…

My job is client searching and rooms searching. In one word, overall servicing.First step is client haunting. For American and European client, I will start searching in International school area.

The meaning of the word ” Negotiating “

Do you know my current job? Yes, real estate agent in Yangon, Myanmar.This time also I would like to write about my experience.

Which one do you want to choose? Painting wall or wallpaper?

Last time I wrote about flooring (Parquet or tile), now this time I would like to write about wall type.

Tile or Parquet Flooring?

Today title is ” Tile or Parquet Flooring? “. So if you saw this title what do you think about content?Yes, I will write about Myanmar room flooring type.

Key lock style (Padlock) that use in Myanmar

Now, I would like to write about Myanmar key lock style. In Myanmar, there is no one much care about security.

Electric Servicing Business (Myanmar Style)

Today I would like to write about Electric service in Yangon.You can think this is the second version of last time I wrote Water Servicing Company (Myanmar Style)

Water Servicing Company (Myanmar Style)

Now, I would like to write about Myanmar style servicing companies.There are various kind of servicing companies, water, electric and key lock.

Why Japanese Client like Service Apartment?

Today I would like to write about Service Apartment in Yangon.Nowadays, service apartment is become popular between Japanese client and foreigners whom long stay in Yangon.I think there is a reason for choosing service apartment over local rooms.

Thaketa (Now popular township in Yangon)

In Myanmar real estate market, Thaketa township is not a famous one before.But now Myanmar Waterboom, the first water pool, water play ground is done in Thaketa area, the land and resident price also higher than before.

Becoming Real Myanmar Real Estate Agent

Today I choose the title of “Becoming Real Myanmar Real Estate Agent.”The reason for choosing that title is that last week I received Myanmar real estate agent card, and certificate. (Clapping!!!)