Now Foreigner Room Rental become famous market in Yangon Real Estate

Hello everyone.
Today I will write two blogs. Because of last week absent.
Thanks you for your time.

The 2nd title is related with foreigner whom stay in Myanmar.
When Myanmar government change and new policy applied. Many foreign investors come to Myanmar for various business. So they need room for stay. Because of foreign investors Yangon room rental market become good.
Nowadays for foreigner whom stay in Yangon, there are many real estate service company only for foreigners become approve.
The popular areas for foreigners in Yangon are downtown area, bahan, kamayut areas.
They will first come to Yangon and first stay in hotel.
And choose good condition room wisely later.
They lived in best room in their country and they want to live in good room in Yangon.
So nowadays, there is also foreigner room rental market become popular market in Real estate.
The owner will provide fully-furnished room and interior renovation also.
Most of them do one year contract and pay by dollars.
Our company also start with foreigner room rental and now growing bigger.
Now we do local Myanmar people room and house sale and rental also.
We also do for shop.
If you need our help, please kindly contact to us.
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