Most of Condos in Yangon are only for Foreingers, not for local Myanmar People

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Today I would like to write about Myanmar newspaper news.
Title is that most of condos in Yangon are only for Foreigners, not for local Myanmar people.
I will explain about that title. In Yangon fully furnished condos are from 15 Ls to 25 Ls. Some luxury condos are start from 35 Ls to 50 Ls. And one of mini condo in Sanchaung price is 9 Ls.
The price of condos are as high as sky so local Myanmar people cannot effort rental price. Only Foreigners whom work at NGO group and Foreign company Myanmar branch office can rent that condos.
And condos owner do interior renovation and fully furnished rooms for clients.
But some foreigners whom salary are not good stay in local apartments and do interior and buy household things.
For local apartment, wide is 20ft 50ft and rental price is from 2.5 Ls to 6 Ls. For no furnished condo rooms rental price are 8 Ls.
Some clients are gathering members and rent good rooms.
Nowadays in Yangon, online advertisement are popular and most of foreigners search room and buying furniture, rent car also done it ahead of time.
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