Latest News related to Real Estate 5 (In 2017, Myanmar Real Estate Sale market is cold and only rental market going well)

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The title is a little longer than before things. But if you read only title, you will know half of writing.
Yes, now is February and start of 2017. But same with 2016, Myanmar Real Estate Sale market is remain unchanged.
Only rental market is going well and sale market is now under waiting National changes.
Now new Government hand, many things are changed and also Real estate market will change in the future.
Government provide cheap-room system to Myanmar People and their vision in 2017 is all Myanmar people must have own room. So They plan to build cheap apartment room far from downtown.
So many local investors and foreign investors wait a chance.
Sale market need time to become business.
From MRESA (Myanmar Real Estate Service Association) member said the sale market of real estate will become good from later June,2017.

So if you want to invest in real estate, please wait time to check.
Thanks you for your time.
I will try harder.