Latest News related to Real Estate 4 (Diffculties of yearly pay customer)

Hi everyone,
Have a good day.
How about Yangon weather nowadays?
Myanmar winter become deep and colder than before days…
Please take care not to catch cold. But I am now catch cold. (Laugh)

Today also I would like to write about news about real estate.
Title is that difficulties of monthly pay customer.
In Yangon real estate market, there are different type of payment for room rental.
But the payment system are only ok for local Myanmar people.
There are one year whole payment, half year whole payment, 3 months whole payment and monthly payment and deposit payment.
For one year whole payment and 6 months payment are also ok for foreigners nowadays.
But 3months whole payment and deposit payment, monthly payment system are for Myanmar Local people.
And nowadays, for yearly payment person face with problem.
For monthly payment is easy to make money. Because it calculate on monthly and when they receive salary they can purchase room rental. And also 3months pay is no problem.
For deposit payment, when contract is near to end , tenants can withdraw deposit and can search new room with that money. But for yearly payment system, a lot of amount of money is needed. So house move out and new room searching is difficult for them.
But the best way to them is money saving system.

Thanks you for your time.