Latest News related to Real Estate 3(Nowadays people do interior decoration because of rooms are small…)

Hello everyone.
Long time no update.
Sorry about that. But I have my reason for not wrote within these days.
Because of work stress. Now I need to work as 2 persons because of my partner don’t come to work.
So days are longer and things are busier than normal.
So please forgive me.

Today I would like to write about interesting facts that related to real estate.
The title is about room interior decoration.
Nowadays Myanmar people do interior decoration not because of interesting but because of rooms become smaller than old days.
So if they don’t do interior decoration, room are small and client also don’t want to stay that kind of room.
Vise versa if room are welly decorated, small room is not the fact. It catch people attention and the room become wanna stay room in the market.
And for room decoration, the main part they do is in the kitchen and in bedroom. For small room, many furniture putting inside is difficult. So they use renovation style and do it cabinet and so on. They left space for stay.
For room decoration, budget are around 20 Ls to 50 Ls and so on.
So decoration also not the small amount. It take time and money.
But in the rental market, compare to renovated room and in-renovated room, decorated room are fast rent out.
So many room owners do it for market needs.

Let me stop my writing here.
I will come back with interesting story again.