Latest News related to Real Estate 2 (Myanmar Real estate rental market is now down)

Hello everyone.
Today I will write about 2news that related to real estate. First one is already wrote on this blog.
Please kindly check about it.

Now I would like to write about second news for real estate. Title is Myanmar Real Estate rental market is now down.
From real estate company survey, within these years Myanmar Real estate market is going down. But rental market is still unchanged. But now room rental market also a little down.
In rental market, there are no work in room charge above 15Lakhs. And the owner who would like to rent out their rooms also price down room. So room rental price also price down in this year.

From room rental market, the market price are down 25% for the room above 15lakhs of rental fees and down 5% for the room that between 5Lakhs and 10 Lakhs. But for 1Lakhs and 2Lakhs local rooms are doing well.
Myanmar real estate market is cold for over 2years.
But real estate company hope for foreign investment come in Myanmar and our real estate market also go upside.
Thanks you for your time.
I will back with great news.