Latest new related to Real Estate 1 (New high level building must have car park)

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Starting from today I would like to write about news in Myanmar that related to real estate.
Today title is that New high-level building must have car park space.
Yes this is the new rule announced by Ministry of Construction in Myanmar in 2017.
For building which would like to do construction permit in 2017 need to obey this rule.
New building which have over 8th floor need to have car park space for that building.

But for whom already received permit from last year, that building is no need to renew permit and car park also.
But starting from this year 2017, the person who would like to build high-level building, he need a space for car park for construction permit. For whom does not obey the above law, need to stop construction when found out from the Ministry of Construction in Myanmar.

Nowadays in Myanmar, Yangon, there is no car park space for high-level building. So this is the main cause of traffic jam in Yangon. There are a lot of people whom stay in high-level building is more than that of low-level building. So for car park needed demand is high also in high-level building.
So now at the time of new government in Myanmar, many rules are changing in better way. So construction also need to change in good way.
In the future, we all hoped to see high-level apartment with car park.

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