How many day to make parque flooring?

Happy New Year Everyone.
Long time no update because of New Year holidays.
How about your New Year?
Our company is based on Japanese style and new year holidays are provided to staff of us.
So we are accepted our holiday happily and take rest for working hard for new whole year.
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Today I would like to write about my experience as real estate staff.
Do you know about flooring? In Myanmar most of rooms flooring are done with Korean Parquet.
Except from kitchen, dining and toilet. While they are used with tile flooring.
Most of Myanmar rooms are done by this pattern.
And also some rooms are still undone flooring which mean construction flooring.
At that time, our agent need to do negotiating between customer and room owner.
Most of room owner are doing by themselves. So in this blog I would like to let you know is how many days do you need to do that flooring. Yes, I have experience in that case. So I want to let our clients about that case.
Yes, you only need about one week to do flooring. Price are depend on maker of the country and quality also.
So if you would like to do flooring in your room, please kindly contact to us.
We also do that service for our clients.
Thanks you for your support.