Heavy traffic make changes in room choosing

Hello everyone.
Long time no update.
Sorry for that.
Now in Yangon, winter come deep and early morning and at night, so please take care your health in Myanmar Winter.

Today I would like to write about changes in real estate world. Now Myanmar is developing country and cars are flooded in Yangon. So traffic is so heavy in Yangon. Not only traffic jam but also car parking place become problem in Yangon. For whom staying in wide space housing is no need to worry about car parking. But for whom staying in local apartment and condo are difficult to face this problem. So changing in Myanmar cause the problem in different field.

In Real Estate world, room price are changed because of car park. Including car park condos and apartments can demand for high price but for no car park apartment and condo, price is low.
Now foreign investment are coming to Myanmar and many investor from all around the world are staying in Yangon.
As a foreigner who stay in other country worried about security also.
So most of them choose condo with car park and 24-hour security. And now this kind of room become popular in Yangon and price also high compare to market price.

Now I would like to stop my writing here.
Thanks you for your time.