Construction prefer to build mini condo than condo

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The title is construction prefer to build mini condo than condo.
The reason is that normal condo need a lot of money than mini condo, so some construction take away deposit money from buyer and lost in faith. So nowadays they will build mini condo which are small in amount and easy to build.
The price also mini condo can be bought by local normal people and but normal condo price cannot afford by normal local people.
Now system are changed and many mini condos seller arrange not to pay all amount but to pay monthly payment system. And buyer feel satisfied upon that system and bought rooms.
So mini condo selling market is going well in real estate market.
The size also best for foreigner and also for local young people.
Normal condos have more than 3,4 rooms and wider for normal family.
But mini condos are different and start with 2bedrooms and size is best.
So mini condos nowadays become popular in Yangon real estate sale and rental market.
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