Becoming Real Myanmar Real Estate Agent

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Today I choose the title of “Becoming Real Myanmar Real Estate Agent.”
The reason for choosing that title is that last week I received Myanmar real estate agent card, and certificate. (Clapping!!!)

This is from Myanmar Real Estate Service Association (MRESA).
This is one of the association in Myanmar related to Real Estate world.
If you hold this card, you will become real agent for Real Estate.

For receiving this card & certificate, you need to become member of MRESA.
But becoming member is not enough to receive that card and certificate.
You must attend training class of MRESA. That course is 3days and after attending that class, you will receive card and certificate.

The 3days course of training class is one day 6hours and 2hours one teacher course.
The teachers are lawyer, from YCDC, MRESA vice-president and so on.

If you are holding card and certificate from MRESA , if you have problem in real estate world, they will settle behalf for you.
It mean this is must-have thing for real estate agent in Myanmar.
Now class is 20th branch and my ID is 4575….(Proud)

So from now on our company IGC Myanmar Real Estate company is one of the real agent in Myanmar.
So you can freely contact to us for renting, selling your rooms, buildings and land and you will search room for stay, please kindly contact to us.

Thanks you for your time….
I will try hard in the future….

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