About Luxury condo in Yangon

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Today I would like to write about Luxury condo in Yangon.
Yes, condo and luxury condo are not the same.
Before time in Yangon, there are only two type of building, apartment and condo.
But now many foreign investment come and many different types of building are out.
For example, service-apartment, service-office, office building, luxury apartment and so on.
Luxury apartment basically include under ground car parking, pool and gym also.
Price also high compare to that of condo.
local condo price start from 8 Ls to 12 ls depend on location and interior.
But for luxury condo, price start from 20 Ls up to 40 Ls.
Yes, price so high. And I would like to list up luxury condo for our readers.
In Sanchaung township, Twin Centro Condo, in Ahlone township, Hill Top Condo, Golden Rose Condo,
in Kannar street Royal River View Condo, Sin Min Condo, in downtown, 55st condo and Pansodan Business tower Condo.
There are a lot of condo which are located far from downtown.
Next time I will write down that condo.
So please let me stop my writing here.
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