The meaning of the word ” Negotiating “

Do you know my current job? Yes, real estate agent in Yangon, Myanmar.This time also I would like to write about my experience.

Extra Fees on room rental beside monthly rental fees

So in this blog, I would like to talk about extra fees on others.If you choose local apartment with ladder type building, you don’t need to pay security and elevator maintenance fees are not needed. You have to pay monthly room rental fees and electricity bill and water bill…



After signing a contract, which kind of job that real estate agent need to do?

Do you think when contract between room owner and client was signed, all the jobs are done?If you answer Yes…



Real estate agent need to know step to contract

Today I would like to write about the facts that real estate agent need to know.Firstly I would like to talk about that I wrote that facts but it doesn’t mean that I know very well and teach to other!!

Why Myanmar water repairer